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Solicitation Bulletin of Mascot for 2014 Weihai Long Distance Triathlon World Championship
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  2014 Weihai Long Distance Triathlon World Championship was the first world championship that approved by ITU to be held in Asia, which also is the highest level triathlon event that held by Cycling & Fencing Sports Administration Center of General Administration of Sport of China, CTSA, Shandong Sports Bureau and Weihai Municipal Government.

  To build the city brand of “Blue Leisure Capital, World Livable City”, and also to promote the development of economical society faster and better, especially on sports and tourism, Weihai has held triathlon event since 2008, which also has been crowned as The Best National Triathlon Pision 3 years in a row. The Weihai Triathlon Event has been built to be a brand.

  To Implement the preparation and expand the influence of this event, the Weihai Major Sports Committee now solicits the mascot towards the society with a prize.

  Solicitation Content

  Mascot for 2014 Weihai Long Distance Triathlon World Championship.


  1.The opus shall not only be suitable to actual circumstances and reflect the features of Weihai, but also reflect the features of the event and the spirit of triathlon brightly and vividly.

  2.The opus shall be original, not any public works that had been published. Any of the candidate opuses shall not violate any copyrights, trademark rights, exclusive rights or any other rights of a third party, not violate any laws and regulations. If found to have copied, imitated others’ works, any infringements of third party’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights and interests, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the infringer.

  3.The design form shall be flat colorized draft; the design shall be special and innovative. The name shall be kind and vivid to memorize and spread easily.

  4.The opus shall be stereoscopic and can be clearly displayed by any different proportions, and also easy to be made into toys and souvenirs.

  5.The opus shall not contain any suspicion of gender, race, religious discrimination, shall not be detrimental to good-neighborly and friendly relations between countries, shall not be contrary to the social morality.

  Presentation Requirements

  1.The opus shall include name, design draft, three view drawing, originality explanation and a CDRW contains all the contents above. The maximum paper size of design draft shall be A3, the three view drawing and originality explanation shall be written or printed on paper of A4 size.

  2.The opus shall be colorized design artwork. If the opus is constituted by 2 or more prototypes (not include different form of the same prototype), the prototypes shall be concentrated as one design.

  3.Three view drawing shall be the mascot’s front, side and back.

  4.Originality explanation shall not be more than 500 words, including the name and design description. The name, gender, ID card number of the designer can be attached after the originality explanation (not including in 500 words). The CDs shall be 2 copies, the resolution shall no less than 300 dpi, the storage format shall be TIF. The designer’s name and phone number shall be written on the CDs.

  5.The applicant shall provide the copy of ID card or appropriate designerity identification of the organization.

  The Opus Delivery Method and Deadline

     1.Time limit: From January 20th to April 20th, the deadline shall subject to postmark or express deliver time.

  2.Mailing address: Weihai Major Sports Event Committee (4th Floor of Weihai Sports Bureau), Wenhuazhong Road 78-2#, Weihai, Shandong, Postcode: 264200. All the opuses shall be labeled “Application” on the packing.

  3.Consulting telephone: 0631-5817333/ +8615666301161

  The Selective Method

  1.Weihai Major Sports Event Committee shall establish a jury committee to review all the opuses, and vote for the top 3 award-winning opuses.

  (2.The Committee shall announce the winning opus no later than May 15th.

  Prize Setting

      1.Prize money 10000 RMB for one winning opus; Prize money 2000 for each of two shortlisted entries(not include the winning opus); Souvenirs for 10 excellent opuses. If the winning opus has more than one designers, the prize money shall be dispensed by its own designers.

  2.The designer of the mascot will be invited to the Opening Ceremony of 2014 Weihai Long Distance Triathlon World Championhsip.

  Property Right of the Opuses

  1.The property right of the winning opus belongs to the committee exclusively. The committee has every rights of the winning opus stipulated by 《The copyright law of the People's Republic of China》(except for the right of signature )

  2.The Committer has the right to use the winning opus permanently in any shape or form. No one including the designer, shall use the winning opus in any shape or form without the permission of the committer.

  3.No opus shall be returned to their designer, please keep manuscript yourself. The committee has the right to modify the opuses in any shape or form without the permission of their designer.

  4.The opus shall subject to the first one received, if the committer receive 2 or more same opuses.

                     Weihai Major Sports Event Committee

  February 26, 2014

All right reserved to Weihai Sports Bureau 鲁ICP备05009996号

Address: Wenhua Middle Road 78-2, Weihai, Shandong
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