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Weihai Catholic Church
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Weihai Catholic Church, which locates at Haibin Beilu (Haibin Northern Road) NO92, is the major place of Weihai Catholic followers’ religious life. The whole church takes up an area of 9,200 square meters, and the church buildings occupy over 2,800 square meters. The church, which includes southern building, northern building, middle building and other ancillary buildings, shows us the building style of western countries during renaissance period. The main hall on the first floor can hold 260 people for gathering at one time. The present priest is Dong Wenke. Born in 1971, he has got his Bachelor’s degree in theology. He has been on the post as priest since August, 1999.

Bus routes

Starting point : Haidu Hotel

Walk to the station near Haidu Hotel                          20meters

Take No4 bus. Get off board at the Second Municipal Hospital     7 stations

Take No10 bus. Get off board at the Second High School          5 stations

Walk to Haibin Beilu NO92                                 260 meters

About 6 kilometers from Haidu hotel

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