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Kunyu Mountain
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Kunyu Mountain is located at the eastern part of Jiaodong Peninsula, and it stretches three city districts, namely Wendeng, Mouping, Rushan. The mountain rolls over 100 kilometers. Its main hill Taibo Ding, with its 932-meter altitude, is renowned as the highest hill in the east part of Jiaodong peninsula. As the legend has it, the divine hills on seas such as Penglai hill, Fangzhang hill and Yingzhou hill are all originated from Kunyu Mountain; the first emperor of Qin Dynasty has visited the mountain for three times to seek the Elixir; the Wu emperor of Han Dynasty followed the step-he went into the hinterland of Kunyu mountain searching for the methods of longevity.

The main scenic spots here: Taibo Ding (Taibo hilltop), Wuran Temple, Yuegu temple, Jiulong Pond, Yanxia Cave and so on.


Boarding place are provided in the scenic spot; the banquet of various styles are also available. It is suitable for the large meeting and training program. In the scenic spot there are tourist service center.

Consultant telephone: 0535-4693307

Specialties: with the geographic advantages, the fruits here are extremely delicious. The apples and pears produced are very sweet. Moreover, when it comes to May, the cherries are begin to ripe, and you can enjoy the delicious cherries while enjoy the beautiful scenery of red cherries hanging on trees along the riverside, or surrounding the houses!

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